Triathletes come in all shapes, sizes and ages – and from all walks of life. The typical stereotype of a triathlete is that they are all super-fit super-achievers, but triathlon today has outgrown that image. Triathlon truly is for everybody. Many people are getting into the sport for the challenge, the fun, the camaraderie of a club or just to shake up their fitness routine.

How do I get started?

To participate in a triathlon in Nova Scotia you’ll need a full season membership, which provides you with many benefits including liability insurance and accident medical insurance. Find out more about membership benefits or buy a membership now.

You’ll also find it helpful to familiarize yourself with basic rules to keep you safe and out of trouble.

Support for our elite athletes

In an effort to support Nova Scotian triathletes that are trying to make it in the elite circuit, we offer an Elite Athlete Funding Program that provides some financial assistance to athletes who meet the criteria and race nationally or internationally.