How to Become an Official

Triathlon Nova Scotia is always looking for more officials. We can’t put on races without them!

Becoming an official is a fairly straightforward and quick process. You start with a Level 1 Clinic, which Triathlon Nova Scotia puts on a couple of times a year. The clinic is free and takes about half a day of your time. If you’re interested in the Level 2 Clinic, simply stay for the afternoon and you’ll be certified by the time you go home. We’ll even feed you a tasty (and free) lunch!

Maintaining your certification

To maintain your certification, all you have to do is volunteer and keep a log book. For every race that you officiate, you will get a certain number of points – it is these points that keep your certification current. Find out more about the points system. If you aren’t able to get enough points during the year, you can simply retake the half-day or full-day clinic the next year.

Moving up the officiating ladder

Once you’ve got a few years of regular officiating under your belt, you could be nominated (if you wish) to Triathlon Canada to become qualified as an official for national or international races. Keep in mind, those officials at the Olympics ALL started as a Level 1 in their local communities!

Join us as a triathlon official

If you have any interest in volunteering as an official with Triathlon Nova Scotia, send us an email and we’ll keep you on a list and let you know the next time a clinic is coming to your area.