Officials & Organizers

Triathlon officials and organizers are integral to the success of a triathlon. In Nova Scotia, we are lucky to have amazing officials and organizers who volunteer their time to ensure you and the other racers have a safe, challenging, fun and fair triathlon. Races simply wouldn’t happen without them.


Unlike other amateur sports that have paid referees, our officials have given up their time to get trained and travel to races. Sometimes they may come across as the bad guy because they have to make a call in the interest of safety or fairness, but keep in mind they are volunteers – so show them some respect, eh? We couldn’t afford to be insured to put on races without them! Find out what officials do and how to become an official.


Just like the officials, our organizers are also volunteers who put on triathlons and duathlons for the benefit of their communities. Some organize races to raise money for a special cause, whereas others do it to bring people together for a community event or as part of a festival. The chief organizer is the race director, who must also be qualified as an L2 official.