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Triathlon Nova Scotia 2018 Memberships are now on sale.
In 2015 we  shopped around to find a better quality insurance product with the option for members to buy 24/7 coverage, bike insurance or travel insurance.

Membership Prices:

  • Adult/Age Group $45   Free if you are over 65
  • Junior $45
  • Youth $25
  • Kids’ Membership $3 per race (built into the fee the race director will charge you at each race)

Optional Add-ons:

  • 24/7 liability coverage     $10.  This covers you outside of sanctioned events.  Ideal for athletes who do a lot of solo training.  Does not cover commuting.  This is also an excellent option for clubs who often  have informal workouts organized by some members through social media as those rides are often not sanctioned.
  • Bike Insurance                   $60 for $0-$5000, $90 for $5001-$10 000, $110 for $10 001 – $15 000.  Bike insurance covers damage during sanctioned events, this includes sanctioned club workouts.  It also covers travel to and from sanctioned events provide the bike travels in a hard sided case.  If you purchase this insurance you just complete the Triathlon Nova Scotia Performance Bike Insurance Program form  and send into the office so we can forward to the insurance company…your bike insurance doesn’t start until this form is sent in.