Long Term Athlete Development

LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development)

Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) is a movement to improve the quality of sport in Canada. CS4L recognizes that quality sport and physical activity offer rich benefits to Canadian society through improved health, stronger communities, higher sporting achievement, and stronger national identity. By improving sport, CS4L aims to improve the lives of all Canadians. Long Term Athlete Development falls within the CS4L model and has been developed for each sport federation at the national level.

  • The following guiding principles are central to Triathlon Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Framework:
  • That our programming directs athletes towards doing the right thing at the right time.
  • That our athletes are encouraged to achieve stage specific outcomes prior to undertaking activities associated with the subsequent stage.
  • That our training programs are tailored to the individual based on the nature of their development and considers their physical, psychological and social characteristics.

That triathlon will work with, and not in opposition to, or repeating the work of, other sports that triathletes are participants within during their early years of development.

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