Kids’ Triathlon

Triathlon Nova Scotia offers a series of triathlons aimed at children with little or no experience in the sport. Events are designed to offer kids ages 3 to 19 an opportunity to participate in triathlons.

Kids’ Triathlon Series   (FUNdamentals and Sampling phases of LTAD)

The Nova Scotia Kids’ Triathlon Series is for 3 to 15 year olds. It focuses on participation and is a great way to introduce kids and their parents to the sport of triathlon in a safe and non-competitive manner. Race distances are challenging, yet are short enough to be completed. There are regional races across the province from late May to early September.

Youth Points Series  (Sampling and Specializing phases of LTAD)

The Youth Points Series is for youth ages 12 to 15. This series focuses on competition as a means of building skills and abilities, as well as helping young athletes develop to the Canada Games level and beyond. Athletes compete in two age groups: 12 to 13 or 14 to 15. At some races, like Try-A-Tri Races, they may race in the same wave with adults. The results at the race are based on the order everyone finishes regardless of age; however, for the Youth Points Series you will be awarded finish points within your own age group. For example, if you finished 5th in the race but you were the first 12 to13 year old, you would get maximum points for the race.


Do I have to be a member of Triathlon Nova Scotia?

Yes. In order to participate in one of the sanctioned triathlons advertised on this website, you need to buy a membership.

What is the difference between the Youth Membership and the Kids Membership? Which one do I need?

To race in a timed youth triathlon event, you must have a Youth Membership. If you want to do the non-timed kids’ triathlon races, your  membership  is built into your race fee.

How do I purchase a Youth membership?

To buy a membership, you simply fill out a form and make the payment by cheque or online. Buy a membership online now. Alternatively you can buy a membership on race day from the Triathlon Nova Scotia desk.

Membership fees help Triathlon Nova Scotia fund kids’ triathlon initiatives and purchase race insurance.