Job description – Executive Director

Triathlon Nova Scotia
Executive Director
Job Description

Job title
Executive Director

Reporting to, and taking direction from, the Board of Directors of Triathlon Nova Scotia (TNS), the Executive Director is responsible for the management and day-to-day operation of TNS including providing overall management and leadership in implementing Board policy in a manner consistent with the mission and goals of TNS, to ensure positive experiences for participants in TNS events in the province.

Reporting Structure
The Executive reports to, and takes direction from, the Board of Directors of Triathlon Nova Scotia.

Primary duties

Develop effective and meaningful working relationships by:
 Initiating and maintaining effective working relationships with Canadian and Provincial sport organizations, and community organizations such as: organizational development and support committees, Sport Nova Scotia, provincial government, Triathlon Canada, community associations, TNS Board and staff, Executive Committee, other provincial sport organizations, other organizations and funding agencies
Implement TNS Board policy and decisions by:
 Acting as a resource to the Board of Directors so that policy decisions are made on an informed basis;
 Gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and articulating information to the Board about community trends and resources relating to enhancing the Board’s capacity for effective communication, decision-making, and long-term planning;
 Informing Board on a timely basis of significant and emerging issues affecting the development and delivery of programs and services;
 Overseeing development and implementation of orientation for the incoming Board members;
 Providing guidance and advice to Board on process issues such as establishing and interpreting terms of reference, decision-making, and accountability;
 Attending and participating in meetings, assisting with meetings, and providing materials for distribution to Board members.
Monitor and manage finances of the organization by:
 Working with Treasurer to develop the annual budget and present it to board for evaluation or modification as required;
 keeping accurate, up-to-date financial records, paying bills, reviewing and paying expense claims, managing deposits;
 Identifying, prioritizing, and providing advice to the Board on assessing potential funding and fund-raising opportunities;
 Maintaining relationships with funding sources and guide the Board in preparing funding proposals.
Manage all aspects of data collection by:
 Managing membership and race registration and act as resource for users;
 Managing “The Locker” for administration of coaching courses.
Manage all aspects of race season by:
 Ensuring all sanction forms and payments are received, complete, and in a timely manner, and insurance certificates are issued;
 Reporting to the insurer who the buyers are for the 24/7 insurance or bike insurance, ensuring the member gets their paperwork in on time in the instance of a claim, and submitting annual membership numbers and types to the insurer to ensure the billing process moves efficiently next year.
 Managing the assignment of officials for races;
 Updating the points series after each race.

Monitor and manage the public image of TNS by:
 Monitoring and managing all the organizations social media accounts;
 Managing the website;
 Monitoring and managing the use of the TNS logo (trademark).
Acquire, maintain and dispose of physical assets by:
 Ensuring that facilities, furniture, and race equipment are appropriate to the needs of the organization;
 Providing recommendations to the Board for any acquisitions of expenditures that are outside the approved budget;
 Ensuring proper maintenance of facilities, furniture, and race equipment;
 Disposing of outdated or worn out equipment as appropriate;
 Managing office and storage locker inventories.
Develop, plan, and deliver programs and services by:
 Monitoring community needs on an ongoing basis and be aware of changing context in which programs and services are offered;
 Developing programs and services consistent with community needs;
 Monitoring programs and services to ensure consistency with criteria established by funding sources and the mission and goals of the organization;
 Preparing, for the Board and other applicable bodies, annual summary reports of programs and services including recommendations for future improvement and change;
 Regularly obtaining statistical and qualitative feedback about programs and service delivery.
Establish, maintain, and advance community relations by:
 Initiating and developing relationships with a broad range of community sectors including, civic communities, all levels of government, other non-profit organizations, and business organizations;
 Undertaking activities in the community that enhance the visibility and profile of the organization;
 Representing the organization on appropriate committees, networks, and joint projects;
 Developing and providing information about the organization’s goals, programs, and services.
Other duties
Perform other related duties as determined from time-to-time by the Board.

 Related undergraduate degree/diploma in a related field, or several years related experience;
 Experience in managing a not-for-profit community or provincial sport organization, or program;
 Experience in initiating, planning, implementing, and evaluating programs and services as they relate to the position;
 Demonstrated skill in initiating and maintaining effective relationships with Canadian and Provincial sport organizations and community organizations;
 Excellent oral and written communication skills;
 Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail, the ability to multitask and meet tight deadlines without compromising quality;
 Facility with the usual office-related computer applications.
Reporting structure
The Executive Director is employed by Triathlon Nova Scotia and takes direction from the President of the Board of Directors and reports to the Board of Directors.

Performance standard
It is expected that the Executive Director will perform in a fully satisfactory manner as determined at an annual performance review conducted annually by the Board President and selected members of the Board executive at least one month prior to the AGM.