Getting Started

New to Triathlon?

What has motivated you to get involved in the sport of triathlon? Is it personal pride, the physical challenge or the thrill of competition? Whatever the reason, you’re sure to get hooked.

When thinking about taking up triathlon, you may want to consider the commitment that is involved – physical, emotional and, yes, financial. Triathlon training takes hard work, good conditioning, quality time and a certain level of commitment. You may have to deal with fatigue, outside responsibilities, interruptions in your training program and, of course, all the good times you will encounter in this sport. On the financial side, you’ll need to invest in running shoes, cycling shoes, running and cycling apparel, a bicycle, swim suits, goggles, and gym and pool fees.

Saying all this is not meant to discourage you, rather to encourage you to become involved and make you aware of the basics that go along with being involved in triathlon. Remember there are many of us who have set out on this very journey and would not consider turning back.

Whatever your triathlon goals –whether it is to simply finish the race or to be competitive – keep in mind you are incorporating a rather busy and body-intensive training regimen with your already busy day. Train carefully and have fun.