Development Squad

Triathlon Nova Scotia is partnering with Kinesic Sport Lab to create enhanced training opportunities for our Development Squad.  Any member aged from 12-22 is eligible for this enhanced program.  Your age as of Dec 31st is the age that counts so depending on when your birthday is some 11 year olds will be eligible to start the program.  Even if you have only participated in our un-timed race series before you can join the development squad and up your game for this summer.

The cost of the program is $250.  2nd child in the family is $200, 3rd child or more is $150.   Fee includes access to all group training, training camps, some testing.  It also includes coaching at YTP and coaching at the races identified in the YTP.  It does not include race entry fees or travel, nor does it include uniforms or clothing.

Yearly Training Plan Development
Training for Triathlon is similar to planning for your family summer vacation.  The process starts with deciding where you want to go and (eventually) how you’re going to get there.  Every successful triathlete’s story begins with a well planned, easy to read road map, or yearly training plan (YTP).  An effective YTP does not need to be fancy, however, it does need to be built on sound exercise physiology training principles; specifically, progression, reversibility, recovery and periodization.

To register send this TNS Dev Squad Form  and payment to Triathlon Nova Scotia, 5516 Spring Garden Rd, 4th floor, Halifax, NS, B2J 1G6

There are some funding opportunities available to elite athletes to help with race expenses.


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